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Co Worker and Client Testimonials

“I worked with Tyson today. I run a concrete pump. I was very impressed with his abilities of running a tower crane despite of being a novice operator. He was also very polite with great communication skills and always aware of my boom positioning at all times.”

Peter Ferreira Pump Operator with Astra Concrete Ltd

“Tyson is an extremely focused and very smooth operator.”

Mega Mike Tower Crane Technician with Mega Cranes Ltd

Tyson has worked with us over the years doing carpentry on residential renovations. He is really attentive to detail and has a high standard of perfection on anything he takes on. He always thinks outside the box and comes up with creative & unique ideas to enhance whatever he is working on, whether it’s from a functional, structural or design perspective. We have tried to hire Tyson on a full time basis multiple times over the years as his character and integrity are equal to the care and quality he exudes in his workmanship.

Davyn Arscott President and Senior Estimator of The Reno King

“I have had the opportunity to work with Tyson twice; Selling and repairing snowboards, and years later when Tyson worked as a Carpenter. On both occasions he’s proven to be a quick learn and a great addition to any team.”

Matthew Willett Owner Operator of Norvan Plumbing and Heating and Plumbing Inspector

“I’ve known Tyson for a long time. He is a pleasure to work with, and is always willing to put in the extra effort and time to get the job done.”

Mike Saric Owner Operator Saric Excavating

My First Crane Fm Gru on Me

Without doubt, I’m sure that every Operator remembers the first Towercrane they operated. I’d bet that every Operator also has a few unforgettable memories as they learned the ins and outs of their new position […]

The Path is Quicker With a Bigfoot: How I got into a Towercrane.

After Twenty years and my third major back injury operating Garbage Trucks I knew it was time to make a career change! I’d always been interested in Cranework, and I had imagined running a Crane […]

Welcome to TowercraneTy

Welcome to TowercraneTy.com After some hard work and a bit of good timing I’ve gotten myself into the Operating seat of a Towercrane ( Big thank you to Bigfoot Crane Acadamy). I’d like to take […]

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